I found Cinderella (and not at Disney)

IMG_1841Hong Kong

I am blogging on my iPhone while I wait for the final adjustments to be made to my dress. I am sitting in Irene Fashion. Two fittings, lots of discussion about what I want and I’m almost ready to wear the most perfectly fitting dress ever.

Irene and Denise are magicians.  They can make whatever you want – literally! Bring in a photo or your own design. Their small foyer is crammed with neat swatches of material, remnants of deluxe fabrics and laces, jars of sequins and beads, feathers, everything you’d want or need for that perfect creation.

With a talented eye and years of experience, Irene can tell you whether the fabric you’ve picked out will wash you out or whether you will glow, and this is before you’ve even done hair, makeup or spray tan! Her very diplomatic, “I think that is too mature for you” saved me from walking around looking like the Queen Mother (God rest her soul).

So I now own a beautiful strapless gown in peacock blue shantung that holds in everything and won’t fall down when I need to run down the stairs to get home before midnight.

Here’s a tip ladies: when you’ve put your frock on, bend from the waist and push everything forward. This saves you from getting those pouches of flesh that hang over your dress around from your arm pits. Don’t be shy about it! Give everything a good push forward.

Next trip to Hong Kong – bespoke shoes. Bliss!

Irene Fashion
Room B, 2/F Welley Building
97 Wellington Street
Hong Kong
Ph: +852 2850 5635 | e: irene@irenefashion.com.hk | irenefashion.com.hk

Closest MTR is Central and it’s about a 10 minute walk from there.


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