Does it terrify you?

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How many times do we hear this, read about it, even groan under our breaths as someone else reels of a cheesy one-liner about following your heart.

But why is it that the sentiment behind it still resonates.

When I was in my first year of high school, we all had to play an instrument. My piano teacher suggested that I play the oboe “because there aren’t many oboists in a orchestra.” uhhh, because my life’s ambition was to be principal oboist….not. I wanted to learn the cello. I hated the duck-quack noises the oboe made while I was learning; playing an “A” so that the rest of the ensemble could tune to this lonesome croak that soared through any venue, startlingly alarming to audience and conductor alike.

Many moons later, having dinner at my parents’ one night, my mother pulled out the oboe. She had kept the oboe long after I had left school. Immediately, my lips started to smart and my jaw hurt, as my body recoiled in memory of the physical pain of playing that torturous instrument. As I took the oboe from mum, I vowed that I would never ever again let someone dictate what I should do with my life. I look at my oboe case every now and then and it’s a visual reminder: follow your heart.

Intuition is something harder to pin down. It’s that gurgly feeling as your stomach tenses in anticipation or fear, in excitement or anger. Sometimes it’s not your heart that leads the way. Sometimes it’s your intuition. Learning to trust that intuition could be life-saving. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason other than your gut instinct that this is something you just need to do.

Steve Jobs believed in his heart and his intuition. That self-faith led him to create amazing things, live an incredible life.  It’s taken me many years to realise you don’t have to be Steve Jobs to have the same. It’s a shame when you are given an opportunity, you waste it. It’s a tragedy when you’re given the same opportunity and you throw it away again.

#nevertoolate #noduckshere #believeandtrust 


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